Workmen’s Benefit Fund Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Mission Statement is defined as any occurrence, whether natural or technological, which prevents access to the home office and its resources.

If an incident occurs Workmen's Benefit Fund will immediately establish an Incident Command Center to pool its contingency resources and put into effect its Business Continuity Plan.

The media (TV or radio) will communicate disaster information impacting our office location area.

During this period of business interruption the following resources are available for you to receive information regarding your coverage with Workmen’s Benefit Fund.

A)         If you find it impossible to contact us after exhausting all methods of communication, our temporary emergency relocation home office will be as follows:

USSI Systems & Software, Inc.
Lake Mary, Florida 32746
Telephone #(407) 875-2120

 B)         You can write to us at:    

                           Workmen’s Benefit Fund

                            399 Conklin Street - Suite 310

                            Farmingdale, New York 11735-2614


            Plans are in place to have all mail forwarded to us at this, or any other address, that we temporarily relocate to.

 C)        You can also call the following numbers during a Workmen's Benefit Fund Emergency:

 (631) 766-6645 or 

WBF Cell # (631) 943-5739 or Cell # (516) 509-9217

Please note all telephone numbers posted on this website are only active during an emergency situation.  please Do not call these numbers in the normal course of business operations, because the number will be inoperable.